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ok! So! Here's how we're gonna do this thang, all right?

We're gonna run this the way the wonderful zeenell suggested, which is to get a SHITLOAD of prompts listed and then people can go in and claim what fic they're going to write by a specific date as yet to be determined.

Am I not making sense? Come behind the cut tag to see what I mean!

So. How this is going to work is this. Starting today and running through early next week (say Monday 3/13 or Tuesday 3/14) anyone - EVERYONE! - can come to this post and comment with any prompt in any fandom that they'd like to see a fic for. Anything at all goes. You can be as general (Clark blows Lex while Lex is driving) or specific (Set during the Ladies Man, RayK and Fraser make out in the car after the episode ends) as you'd like.

Things to remember:

1. You can submit at many prompts for as many fandoms as you'd like. Comment once with ten prompts, or ten seperate times. Comment today, and then if you think of more, comment again tomorrow. We're very easy over here. (You're shocked, I know.)

2. You dont have to be a writer to submit prompts. Once the master list is up and posted, people who want to write can pick one prompt from the ideas that they're going to write. Once that prompt is taken it's given to that specific person and off the list for everyone else.

3. Remember, be as broad or as general as you like. Some people like more prodding and direction in writing, others like to be a little more free. Variety is the spice of life!

4. This was going to be all porn, but I've decided to open up the writing field a bit. Slash, het, gen, WHATEVER. You got an idea? Put it out there. There's nothing I'll say no to *g*

The format for making suggestions is this:

1. Comment here, in this post with your suggestions. PLEASE, when you comment format it like this:

Smallville - Clark's truck breaks down and Lex drives by and "helps him out."

Supernatural - Dean shows Sam how to change the oil on the Impala

etc. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, please put them UNDER the wonderfully neat list of prompts you've given me. It'll be easier for me when making the master list if I can just skim the posts and grab all the prompts from the very top of your comments, ok?

2. In addition to fandom specific prompts, you can make general car or driving or travel related prompts. These would be lyrics from songs, lines of dialogue from movies, TV shows, etc, that you want to leave more open for people. An example of this would be:

General - "Lord I was born a ramblin man." Allman Brothers

General - "You know you owe me a ten second car." Fast and the Furious

The key to the general prompts will be that if a prompt is from say Fast and the Furious, the writer can write any fic, any pairing, anything at all for that prompot, EXCEPT F&F fic. So if you suggest "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" as a general prompt, you can use that line in a fic for any fandom OTHER THAN Supernatural. Ok? Ok.


Start commenting today! Now! I will leave this post open until Monday or Tues of next week!

Once I compile the list I will make another admin post letting you all know the list is up and to start grabbing your prompts! That will run for a few days as well.

After the prompts are grabbed we'll start the writing. I'm figuring to get everything set up and your prompts assigned by the end of the month, and then you'll have through at LEAST the end of April to write your fic. (This is honestly the most CASUAL challenge ever. Really. Throw me a different date and I'll change it for you, I swear *g*)

Fics will need to be at least 500 words and can be as long as you like.

Most importantly - spread the word!

And now for the fandoms!

This is the list complied so far in my lj. Please feel free to add any fandom you'd like, just let me know in your prompt comment what the fandom is, ok?

Also, I know some of these fandoms have less than typical transportation. Whatever consists of a car in your fandoms universe is acceptable. For example, in SGA there are apparently jumpers? So. If those are your "cars'" then have at it. We're very open here for loose interpretation!

Due South
RPS - [any]
The Sentinel
Stargate: Atlantis
Fast and the Furious
Harry Potter
West Wing
Movie fic [general]
Battlestar Gallactica
Veronica Mars
Good Omens
The A-Team
The Professionals
Man from Uncle
Dr. Who
Marvel Universe
Prison Break
The OC

Did I forget something? Add it in the comments!

All right! Any questions or comments please let me know, but for now put your thinking caps on and let's get some ideas in here!
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